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What a weird year it has been so far. Homeschooling and a shortage of ingredients meant that I had to completely suspend operations here at cake HQ for a while, and due to the ongoing restrictions on weddings and social gatherings I'm not yet in a position to resume my full range of cake-making services. But I'm pleased to say that my mail order brownies are back! And to celebrate, I'll be introducing some brand new flavours over the coming weeks and months...
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“AND JESUS WEPT in the garden of Gesthemane as he realised the sins of the world were upon him, and that he had just finished his last Mr Cake cake. Thanks loads for the cakes man, they were f****ing delicious. I say "were" advisedly, as they didn't last long. Keep on bakin' in the free world.”

Shaun Keaveny, BBC 6 Music